Digitization Services

Citizen centric services such as Land Record Registration, Driving License Issuance, Property Registration, Trade LicenseIssuance etc., involve extensive handling of documents. These documents are critical for effective service delivery. Quickdelivery of services through multiple modes/outlets is possible only if the documents that are necessary for makingdecisions are available immediately.Additionally, at times for availing a particular service a citizen may be required to fill in an application form and furnishsupporting documents as proof of his/her identity, date of birth or address. All these documents, once submitted by theapplicant, should be archived electronically for future reference. Documents once digitized and stored in central archive,can be made available any time, anywhere to all key stake holders. This gives impetus to the whole decision makingprocess and results in faster delivery of services to citizens.A central repository also acts as a single source of information to meet all compliance guidelines.

Successful e-Governance initiatives are focused at ensuring better services for the citizens by ensuring convenience,efficiency, transparency & reliability. Good governance demands reduced duplication of work, reduced communicationcosts, increased transparency in functioning of various government departments, and faster citizen services. Digitizationof documents is one of the key requirements for all e-Governance projects.Government of India has taken aggressive steps towards streamlining government processes and digitizingrelevant information. The digitization of land records, court cases and UID project are some of the key governmentinitiatives taken.

ThredzIT is working very closely with the government on the above initiatives by providing digitization services to various Government & Public Sector Organisations/Agencies.ThredzIt is handling large assignments for various Government Agencies.Our approach to this process has earned us a good reputation & reliability.